A-Zero-F   Powder Additive - "4-day Foam"

One Additive - Any Class A - Any Fuel

A-Zero-F turns any common Class A foam into an Alcohol Resistant AFFF, with no fluorochemicals.

Two Delivery Methods - Standard foam concentrate or powder additive

1) A-Zero-F   Powder Additive

Easy to dispense, A-zero-F is added to the water source and is ready for use in five minutes 

Think outside the pail 

Current AR-AFFF's can only deliver a small amount of its key ingredient to a fire - 0.045% of the foam. Hazardous fluorochemicals compensate for this limitation. If foam with more than 0.045% foam stabilizer could be delivered to the fire, fluorine could be eliminated.

To achieve this, we need to think outside of the pail...

This system requires only a small amount of the self-dispersing powder to be added to the water source, e.g., pumper tank, brush truck, portable containment system, etc. Any foamer can be educted or mixed to achieve a long-duration and alcohol-resistant foam.

  • 2 hour to 4-day Quarter Drain Times (time it takes ¼ of the water to drain from the foam) using standard off-the-shelf equipment

  • Longer burnback resistance than AFFFs and AR-AFFFs

  • Super-long foam duration for firebreaks    

  • No re-application required for spill and vapor suppression on hot surfaces

  • Superior extinguishment and burnback on large depth polar and hydrocarbon fires. 

Consider the performance and cost advantages of A-zero-F.



A-Zero-F   Properties

Powder Addditive Version

Granular free-flowing solid

  Self disperses in tank

Long duration foam

Solution remains stable for 18 months

 Low viscosity 30-60 cP (fruit juice 55-75 cP)




 2) Educt or mix like a standard concentrate


  A-Zero-F  3% ARFF SuperConcentrate

First to pass FAA MilSpec requirements to replace AFFF in US airports

3% on Hydrocarbon fires 

Fluorine-free drop-in AFFF replacement

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   A-Zero-F   AR 3x6

Alcohol Resistant, fluorine free firefighting foam 

3% on Hydrocarbon fires, 6% on Polar fires

Low viscosity foam concentrate

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A-zero-F  Advantages over AFFFs and AR-AFFFs

Contains no fluorochemicals

Less expensive: any Class A foam at 1% vs. expensive AFFF and AR-AFFF

Longer burnback than AR-AFFF's 

No re-application needed for spill and vapor suppression: One Additive – One Application.™ 

No need to choose which foam to use for different types of fuel hazards:

One Additive – Any Foam – Any Fuel.™