Applications - A-zero-F Powder Additive

  • A-zero-F powder additive - "4-day Foam"

    • Long-duration foam from 2-hours to 4 days

    • Turns any Class A foam into an AR-AFFF with no fluorine

    • Patented granular powder sugar-based polymer is added to the water source (pumper tank, tender, brush truck, fixed or portable tank)

    • Self-disperses 

    • Solution can be stored for 18 months

    • So safe it is drinkable

    • Educt any Class A foam at 1% to combat any fuel fire 

This was a proof-of-concept test.

Without A-zero-F, Class A foams dissolve on contact with polar solvents.

Was it feasible to add A-zero-F  to a fire truck’s water tank and in 5 minutes  extinguish a deep fuel polar solvent using only a Class A foam? See how it worked

Real World Product Testing  
Worst case scenario: Polar solvent fire - Class A foam - and a fog nozzle

A Class A foam would immediately dissolve on contact with a polar solvent. Patented A-zero-F  stabilizes the foam bubble, making it resistant to polar solvents like Ethanol, IPA and Acetone and hydrocarbons like Heptane, Gasoline, MTBE, MTBE/Gasoline and Ethanol/Gasoline blends.
A-zero-F  prevents hydrocarbon infiltration into the bubble which means long burnback resistance. All without the use of harmful and environmentally bio-persistent fluorochemicals. No need to choose which foam to use for different types of fuel hazards. One Additive – Any Foam – Any Fuel.™

Test Conditions:                                           
A-zero-F was added to a fire truck's water tank and recirculated for 5 minutes.
Fire: 55 gallons Acetone, 51F   
Class A foam: 1% Silv-ex
Application:  Hale 1500 gpm Single Stage Pump through a low expansion fog nozzle, Task Force Tips B-BGH Automatic 100 psi on a 1" line.  

Test Results:                                                 
50% Coverage    0:04
90% Control        0:27                   
98% Control        0:43                     
Extinguishment:     1:01                

Tests show stable and cohesive foam 1 hour after application; self-sealing burnback and no flashovers when a section of foam is removed and lit.

​A-zero-F is non-toxic, biodegradable, uses less water and is less expensive.  The sugar-based formulation provides an environmentally safe alternative to current firefighting foam products.