Designed for Sustainability

Protecting People and the Environment

Fluorochemicals from firefighting foams have contaminated drinking water and are linked to cancer and other diseases. Industry attempts to shorten the fluorinated molecule to lessen the impact on human health and the environment have only sidestepped the problem. And because currently available fluorine-free alternatives have serious firefighting limitations, there exists a critical need for a fluorine-free AFFF substitute with equivalent firefighting performance and no environmental hazards. AF3’s A-zero-F® technology produces an inexpensive fluorine-free AFFF and AR-AFFF replacement that is completely benign and has no adverse effect on people or the environment. Its sugar-based formulation is so safe that it is drinkable.

Innovation in Firefighting Technology

Fluorine-Free Firefighting Foam

A-zero-F® Super Concentrate

A drop-in replacement for 3% AFFF


A-zero-F® Powder Additive

Our patented technology turns any common Class A foam into an Alcohol Resistant AFFF.

Class A foam will now work on any type of fuel fire with no need to match the foam to the fuel.

One Additive, Any Foam, Any Fuel  .   Find out more.